Giclée Images by Sarah Longlands

Giclée printing process is a term used to denote archival quality fine art reproductions produced using a sophisticated inkjet printing method that provides subtle gradations and fine colour accuracy. The larger images offered here are produced by Redcliffe Fine Art Printing Services of Bristol. They use the very finest Hahnemühle digital fine art paper and print at 1200 dpi using a 12 colour LUCIA pigment ink system that gives superb colour accuracy, excellent colour graduation, expression and accuracy with the broadest colour gamut in its class. Anything of SA3 size or smaller I print myself on either Crane's Museo papers or matte paper of a similar quality, or my preference of top quality high gloss Epson photo paper, which shows the accuracy of the colours to best advantage using, an Epson Stylus R3000 printer using an equally fine pigmented ink. All the papers used are 100% acid free, with a neutral PH.

I have decided that these should not be made as limited editions for the reason that a completely handmade print has to be kept as a limited edition because the quality will diminish the more prints that are taken from the block or plate. I have seen Japanese woodblock prints where the later images have lost much of the original crispness of the detail. This does not apply to digital images, which remain constantly sharp and precise, so to make them limited editions seems rather false.




Any picture on my site is available from me on SA3 paper, 13x19" You can request your paper preference and I will do them to order.
All the prints are signed and titled. 
How to order an SA3 print:
Now, I'm not making things easy here, but if you really want something, you'll do it! The thing is, I don't like having buttons all over my websites. Go to the individual page of your preferred print, by clicking on the thumbnail and copy and past the image title onto an email to send to me, or just tell me which print you require, but make sure that you get the title right!

The price of a print on SA3 paper is £75 plus postage, either by Interparcel for next day delivery to most places if required, or Royal Mail in the UK. There will be a 10% discount for three or more.

I will send you a return email with a paypal button which you can click for payment. You don't need a paypal account to use this. Once I have received notification of the money, I will send the print or prints.

Larger prints of some works and some original paintings may be purchased from me, but they have to be printed by Redcliffe and I then have to sign them, so they will take longer.
Many are paintings are of of violins, which I feel need to be life size.



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