Avenues of Sight

Sarah Longlands







I trained at Bristol and Manchester, where I gained a BA (hons) and completed my post-graduate studies at University College London (Slade School of Art). In the words of one of my collectors: "Ostensibly realistic, her work goes beyond this to explore the nature of reality, and of time and space. The artworks are refined, emphasizing her knowledge and meticulousness in the chosen medium. But her art is not just representational: it also has a rare imaginative flair. The objects are changed into something which is beyond the original and which creates a kind of parallel ideal artistic reality. If this sounds a little like surrealism, then maybe that is not so far from the truth, but the work is subtler than that."

Having previously exhibited in many exhibitions in both the United Kingdom and France, Gold Fish Galleries in Sarasota, Florida then in the Lincoln Centre in New York and done many commissions for people both in London, the provinces but also in The United States, I finished a commission from Cunard Line in 2003, through the art consultants "Onderneming & Kunst" to do six oil paintings for the penthouses on board the new "Queen Mary 2", launched in January, 2004.

This ought to have been the start of bigger things but instead a nasty illness threatened to put an end to my plans, but being a fighter, I refused to give in and so came out mentally stronger and from being unable to use my right arm for over six months, I ended up painting better than ever. At this point I will say that I was married to the right person, a doctor who both knew what was wrong and what to do about it.

As well as being a medical doctor he is the writer and poet, David Wheldon and we are now working even more closely together, both doing our best work.